Revolution is radical

Minimal & symmetrical

The Revo is the latest update to the now famous Tomo Evo design. Looks like skateboard, rides and reminiscent of a snowboard and has bottom contours you might find in a wake board.

Tomo Surfboards

Tomo Surfboards


Purely functional

The performance of the Revo is purely functional and represents a unique and obvious future direction for high performance surfing. No summer quiver is complete without this board.

Tomo Surfboards


It is an extremely fast design which will blow through flat sections with easy while still maintaining the abilty to surf tight to the pocket.

Tomo Surfboards

Tomo Surfboards

User friendly

Highly user friendly design suitable for beginner to advanced.

Tomo Surfboards

The all rounder

A great board is one that you can pull out of the quiver and surf well in any conditions.