Architecture of Speed

The El_Tomo is a high performance dual-fin designed for small waves or flatter face condition. It is an a continuation or ‘update’ of the classic Tomo Raptor dual fin design circa 2008.

Tomo Surfboards

Tomo Surfboards



This modern classic takes fish design into a new dimension. Trademark Tomo Jetfighter tail, multi concave planning hull and Keel/Quad combo fin placement compliments a variety of surfing styles and wave conditions.

El Tomo - Tomo Surfboards

Hydrodynamic tuned

It is a Hydrodynamic tuned, low drag design. Fast of the mark with a free flowing rail to rail base line like all good Fish design.

Tomo Surfboards

Tomo Surfboards

Driving power

The El_Tomo’s sleek refinement allows for high performance potential, driving power turns and explosive lip attack.

Tomo Surfboards

Unmistakeable experience

If the flair of riding a traditional fish suits your style of surfing, you'll need to experience this modern classic design.